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TPR 融合东西方文化,演绎精致位上川菜。精选套餐,品质美酒,国际化的餐饮团队,尽享尊贵体验。精品酒窖,顶级地标观景露台,尊享酒廊、悦享佳酿
The Peacock Room, the high-end Sichuan cuisine fusion with western F&B culture served by internationalized catering team. Exclusive set meals served with fine wine, and enjoy the time at the peacock room boutique wine cellar, terrace, and lounge bars.

TPR 灵感源自19 世纪末, 美国著名印象派画家詹姆斯•惠斯勒(James McNeill Whistler)重要室内作品,百年前“艺术与金钱纠葛”的经典之作,被延续至上海兴业太古汇,展现东西方文化艺术的交融之美
Inspired by well-known interior work by the famous Impressionism James McNeill Whistler, considered to be the classics of the 19-century, also an unforgettable story about the control of the artist is now continuing its oriental beauty to Shanghai HIRI Taikoo.

主厅用餐空间功能设计灵活多变, 60 人超长主餐桌,满足客人的不同所需。瞩目的亚克力特制酒窖,伴随全球顶级酒庄依次呈现,深厚层次与质感产生错觉,为TPR 飨宴美妙契合。炫动光效酒吧台,纯铜手工打制的吧台让古典与潮流交融呈现
TPR’s super-long main dining table seats for up to 60 people, the flexible functional design caters to any size group. The breath taking acrylic wine cellar wall, deep layers and texture of the visual illusion, Along with the world’s top wineries, is spectacular. A wonderful fit for the TPR feast. Lounge bar with dazzling light effect and hand-made bar with pure copper, makes the classical and trendy blend present.

TPR 现代融合川菜,汲取中西料理之精髓,以传统川菜结合现代料理方法,丰富了原本食材的质感,为传统川味凭添层次感。西式位上分餐制服务,午市及晚市皆以精致套餐形式推出,以国际水准为客人们带来独特新颖的感官
TPR contemporary Sichuan fusion cuisine, absorb the essence of Chinese and western cuisine, combining traditional Sichuan cuisine with modern cooking methods, enriches the texture of original ingredients and add flavors to the traditional Sichuan taste.TPR provide western-style services, lunch and dinner are all in set menu, with the international standard brings unique enjoyment to guest.


S301 Southern Block, No. 288 Shimen Road (No.1), HKRI Taikoo Hui (Near Weihai Road)
上海市静安区石门一路288号兴业太古汇南楼S301(近威海路) TEL: 021-52391999





Time - Daily

Lunch: 11AM ~ 3PM

Dinner: 5.30PM ~ 10.30PM

营业时间: 周一至周日

午市: 11:30-14:30

晚市: 17:30-01:00