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感受蜑家人几十年来的大海浮沉。 香港的族群文化历史中,称海上原住民为蜑家人,他们在海退潮时,下笼下网,捕些鱼虾,由此得来丰富的避风塘、艇仔粥等蜑家美食驰名中外。
Feel the emintribe culture for decades. In the ethnic culture and history of Hong Kong called indigenous fisherman ‘Dan’, they are living for fishing, thus they create ‘Dan’ cuisine is renowned in China and overseas.

AH TAN ‘s traditional Chinese style combine with modern vintage design elements, restore the exquisite collocation of southern regions of China.

Selection of ingredients with southern east Asia taste, perfect combination with traditional Chinese cuisine and local spices, incorporate the sweet and sour, spicy flavor, taste thick. Strong flavor of secret sauce make the food fresh and delicious.

金牌海南鸡选用龙岗黄油鸡, 制作中矜贵讲究的是浸鸡三部曲,经过浸鸡汤、冰水激脆和秘制卤水,使得鸡皮金黄弹牙,肉质嫩滑还带有卤水的浓香。
Chef’s Special Recipe Hainan Chicken is the process of its production, braised chicken in chicken soup, the ice to crisp and tasty chicken with the secret brine, makes the chicken skin is golden, meat is tender.

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港汇恒隆广场 o AH TAN 海云陈记 上海市徐汇区虹桥路 1 号港汇恒隆广场 6 楼 610 铺





Time - Daily

Lunch: 11AM ~ 3PM

Dinner: 5.30PM ~ 10.30PM

营业时间: 周一至周日

午市: 11:00-15:00

晚市: 17:30-01:00