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Feel the emintribe culture for decades. In the ethnic culture and history of Hong Kong called indigenous fisherman ‘Dan’, they are living for fishing, thus they create ‘Dan’ cuisine is renowned in China and overseas.

AH TAN ‘s traditional Chinese style combine with modern vintage design elements, restore the exquisite collocation of southern regions of China.

Selection of ingredients with southern east Asia taste, perfect combination with traditional Chinese cuisine and local spices, incorporate the sweet and sour, spicy flavor, taste thick. Strong flavor of secret sauce make the food fresh and delicious.

Chef’s Special Recipe Hainan Chicken is the process of its production, braised chicken in chicken soup, the ice to crisp and tasty chicken with the secret brine, makes the chicken skin is golden, meat is tender.


6th Floor, No.601 , Grand Gateway66 HangLung, No.1 Hong Qiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai





Time - Daily

Lunch: 11AM ~ 3PM

Dinner: 5.30PM ~ 10.30PM

营业时间: 周一至周日

午市: 11:00-15:00

晚市: 17:30-01:00